We analyzed fandom across six different sports/leagues in order to understand what creates and sustains fandom among younger generations. While sports fandom thrives on its ability to mold to younger generations, relating to young people through sports isn’t a one size fits all approach. Our research helps brands uncover what aspects of their favorite leagues resonates most with today's youth through the lens of team, league, and player-based fandom.

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From TikTok dances to gaming and fashion trends, content creators are more influential than ever and capturing the lion's share of the younger generation's media time. How did we get to this moment? What makes these creators so addictive and trustworthy? We uncover the answer to these questions and provide a guide for brands to effectively leverage emerging creators and make impactful partnerships for young consumers.

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Both sports and gaming have capitalized on cultural passion points to 1. become leading industries and 2. cast a wider entry point, thus bringing in a larger fanbase. The way Bleacher Report approaches sports can help brands reach and engage with young consumers in the gaming space beyond surface-level assumptions.



Gen Z approaches major life milestones differently than previous generations, prides themselves on their individuality, and lives their life in a constant state contradiction. We highlight the ways in which brands can lean into the contradictions in order to better understand and market to this generation.

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Why Social Engagement Matters

The fan experience as we know it has been permanently and fundamentally changed. As the industry navigates this shift, we identified the importance of digital community spaces for fostering conversations and connections for consumers and brands alike. We sought to understand why social engagement matters for brands by exploring the relationship between social engagement and the purchase funnel.

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